A website to consider Public Sculpture in Pulborough

This website has been set up by the artist to encourage response to the debate over whether Trisantonis, a stone sculpture worked over a year on the outskirts of the parish, should stay in the area permanently.

It might have wider relevance for considering the role of public art locally in the future.

This is an excerpt of the Parish minutes from Oct 16th 2014:

Members received the report from Mr Edgar (attached as Appendix 2) and discussed at length the merits of retaining the work in the Parish. Members noted that the proposed title of the work would be “Trisantonis” which references the middle stretch of the Arun and the “trespassing” River Arun over the Brooks. It was agreed that this type of work is very subjective and will result in very differing reactions in different people. Some Members greatly appreciated the work whilst others were of the opinion that the art was not suitable or conducive to the atmosphere of the community.

The Chairman questioned whether the sculpture should not remain at the RSPB. Mr Edgar stated that the current location did not offer the breadth of access to all different types of people and that a village location would achieve this.
Cllr Esdaile enquired about potential for vandalism. Mr Edgar was pleased to report that similar installations had not been affected.
Cllr Clarke commented on the need for seed funding and it was noted that a contribution of £2000 from the Parish Council would show such support for the project that the rest of the funding could hopefully be found elsewhere. It was noted that pledges of £1700 had already been received from outside the Parish to ensure that the work stayed local to where it was crafted.
The Chairman stated that this type of project would need to be accepted by the wider community. The issue of location was a major consideration and much thought must be given to it.
Members subsequently AGREED to include an article in the forthcoming Parish Bulletin which the Clerk will draft in collaboration with the artist and the issue discussed again in the New Year when the response has been gathered.